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Business Monitoring 
and Geoinformation System

Top notch business intelligence for the insurance industry

Making business and geographical data evaluable is one of the central challenges for insurance companies in the 21st century. 

I am proud to help a DAX30 global player from the insurance industry with a suite of tools that is developed specifically for this purpose.

In this project, I am the lead developer and software architect for tools that calculate millions of data records in real time, take into account contract structures and natural catastrophe risks and thus deliver real-time assessment of risk exposure.


Augmented Reality meets speech recognition

Leverage the power of modern speech recognition and AI based translation to see what others speak as a subtitle in your glasses.

Enables hard of hearing people to understand what is spoken.
Allows users to overcome language barriers by getting real time translation


  • Currently under development

  • Applying for funding in the XR4ALL programme of the European Union.

  • Early version available in the app store of the market leading Vuzix AR glasses.



Improved collision detection for the leading game development engine Unity

Collision detection is a performance intensive task that is essential for almost all games and 3D applications. 
The leading development environment for 3D applications and games, Unity, therefore has limitations regarding the integrated capabilities for collision detection. 

If the objects contain concave surfaces, collisions cannot be detected correctly.

The Non Convex Mesh Collider asset for unity closes this gap. 




Rooms look better in 3D

Room Designer VR allows you to design a room while standing inside of it.

Draw the floor plan directly on the ground.
Place furniture objects, doors, windows and a lot of other fun stuff into your room.
Apply textures for walls, floor and furniture objects.

Feel your room in virtual reality!

Available in the Steam store for HTC Vive VR glasses.

Work in Progress: already preparing for the Apple Glasses version!


Performance profiling for .NET applications

If software is not as fast as we want it to be, the reasons for this are often not easy to understand.

Profilers help to understand this.


Insight profiler goes one step further than other profilers, going beyond the usecase of performance profiling to provide insight into the internal workings of the software, which are essential not only for performance but also for troubleshooting and process optimization.

The original version was only a profiler. 

The new version will become a universal development tool.


RwRec TapToSave_Smaller.png

Rewind Recorder

Record what you might otherwise miss

Rewind Recorder allows you to wait until something worth recording occurs and lets your retroactively decide you would like to have a video of it.

Think of your child's first football goal. 
You never know if and when they will score and afterwards you would love to have a video of that glorious moment. But who would like to film the whole match with a smartphone, just for the chance to capture that goal? 

Rewind Recorder solves exactly that.


Award winning app for the market leading Vuzix AR glasses.



State of the art machine learning for .NET

Gradient Boosting is the hip kid on the machine learning block.

LightGBM is one of the leading Gradient Boosting solutions, provided open source by Microsoft.

LightGbm Dotnet is my open source wrapper for this library that makes this machine learning library available for .NET programmers.

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